Annual Report


Since the Arboretum Fund was established in the Fall of 2014, twenty-three memorial trees have been planted. Due to the generosity of donors on both campuses and relatives of former residents, together with additional unrestricted gifts, almost $23,000 has been received by the Arboretum Fund. Because such gifts are guaranteed for two years, monies are set aside to cover that period for each tree. The balance of funds is used to pay for tree tags and other tree-related expenses. 

In addition, tree collections on each campus were established by use of a generous grant of $5,000 from the Kendal Corporation to improve the arrival corridors. On the Kendal campus, different varieties of redbud trees near the entry have become the signature plant and on the Crosslands campus, a selection of dogwoods have been added along the entry drive.

Arboretum teams of residents on each campus have been busy updating and expanding the original loop walks with the goal to produce new tree lists, maps and information about 68 trees on two expanded loops on the Kendal campus and 94 trees on four new loops at Crosslands – all handicapped accessible.

The KCA web site ( has recently been updated. Eight photographs of each tree have been added by a photographer and resident at Kendal and new text added by the webmaster, a resident at Crosslands. Allowing for duplicated trees between the campuses, before Earth Week 2016, a total of 132 trees will be illustrated and described on the web site, along with new loop lists and maps. 
Residents are encouraged to adopt a new tree by contacting a member of their campus team. Adoptive parents are asked to monitor the health of their tree and report any concerns. Training for the Adopt-A-Tree program will be provided in the spring.

During the past year, the KCA Joint Committee has developed bylaws which acknowledge that all residents are members, to describe the campus teams which make up the Joint Committee and to formally vest authority in KCA Officer roles. KCA BYLAWS WILL BE PRESENTED FOR APPROVAL BY THOSE PRESENT AT THE Annual meeting on April 20 2016.  thereafter, the current volunteer officers will serve for another year BEFORE formal elections ARE held in 2017.

The members of the KCA Joint Committee wish to express their appreciation for the support of Kendal and Crosslands residents and the fine work of KCC Horticulturist Casey Groff and Grounds Supervisor Mark Swick. 

2nd draft Jan. 25 2016