As presented at the KCA Annual Meeting - April 26 2019

It is hard to believe that the KCA is now seven years old! Back in 2012, when just six residents determined that the trees on our campus were worth acknowledgement, who would have guessed that last year, we would have achieved Arbnet accreditation at Level 2? Or, that almost 100 individuals have donated monies for a total of more than 50 Memorial Trees?

During the past year, residents in each Arboretum Team have continued to add metal identification tags to several hundred significant trees including: Gift trees, Arbor Day trees and trees in three Featured Collections which include 82 magnolia, 129 dogwood and 32 redbud. Significant taxa in each species can be seen on the KCA web site developed by Kendal residents Eve Thyrum, photographer Judy Czeiner and Crosslands resident and web master Kay Edstene to whom we are deeply grateful for the KCA web site – www.kcarboretum.org

Thanks to a generous gift from Crosslands residents Maralyn and George Gillespie, the Arboretum Team on each campus is pursuing new activities and a second annual lecture has been added to the Arboretum calendar. The first was a presentation by Shawn Kister, Head Gardener at Longwood, who in January told us how climate change is affecting our trees. Higher temperatures combined with the old age of many of the trees on the Kendal/Crosslands campus trees are contributing to several species of trees dying. Add to this the fact that various insects are infesting several species means that we must be ever more vigilant in the stewardship of our trees. With the future in mind, gifts of trees most likely to thrive in a warmer environment become ever more important.

Each year, on Arbor Day, a special tree is added to each campus, and earlier today, thanks to Bill Astifan, former Director of the Haverford College Arboretum, we had the privilege of planting two offshoots of the Penn Treaty Elm, one on each campus.
Thanks in part to a generous gift from an anonymous donor, we now have a healthy Fund Balance in hand. The KCA Joint Committee recently decided that with Level 2 designation accomplished, it is time for us to develop a Strategic Plan to guide the future of the Arboretum. Should we expand representation on the Joint Committee? Should we attempt to use a GPS system to map all the woody plants on each campus? Should we establish an Endowment Fund? These and many other ideas will be considered within the context of a Strategic Plan to guide us in the years ahead. If there is a reader of this report who has experience in such activity, we would welcome your advice. Please contact me at

As we embark on another year of stewardship, I want to thank the three other original members who stayed the course with me over the past six years: Kendal residents Harry Hammond and Martin Wells and Crosslands resident Bonnie Marcus who also served as our first Treasurer. Your stamina and commitment are greatly appreciated – as are current members of each Arboretum Team and the support of residents in both communities. Thank you.
Jennifer Allcock, KCA Joint Committee Chairperson.

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