There are six loop walks in the Kendal Crosslands Arboretum: four on the Crosslands Campus and two on the Kendal Campus. Below are the lists of the walks followed by a clickable list of attachments where one may open a map and lists that may be downloaded and printed in advance of a visit. There are three lists for each Loop Walk: one sorted by tree number, aother sorted by Botanical Name. and another sorted by Common name for ease in locating a particular tree.
There is a special Winter Mini Walk at Kendal which is included in the list below.


If you wish to visit a particular tree, you may find its campus location on the Trees Tab in the fourth column. The Tree list is searchable on any word or phrase.

Crosslands Loop Walks

Northeast (CNE)
Northwest (CNW)
Southeast (CSE)
Southwest (CSW)

Kendal Loop Walks

North (KN)
South (KS)


Special Winter Walk at Kendal