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Botanical Name: Abies concolor

Common Name: White Fir 
Nativity: W. North America
Location: Crosslands

Concolor fir is an evergreen tree in the Pinacae family native to mountain slopes in the western U.S. It grows to 70’ height with a 20 to 30’ spread. The trees grow best in areas with long winters and cool summers and do not tolerate heat and humidity well. The needles are soft, flattened pale-blue-green (to 2 ½ “long) with uniform color on both sides. The upper branches tend to grow upward but the lower branches tend to recline. The cones (3-6” long) are often yellowish-green maturing to brown or purple and grow upright on the branches. The cones & seeds may not be produced for up to the first 40 years. The bark is ash-gray and smooth but furrows with age.

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