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Botanical Name: Acer palmatum Weeping Form

Common Name: Weeping Japanese Maple
Origin: Japan/Korea/China
Location: CNW

Notable feature:  Broad-rounded in form with layered branches which droop toward the ground.  Winter silhouette is attractive against the snow.

Habit:  Rounded and cascading reaching 6 to 12 feet in height with an equal spread.

Flower: Monoecious (separate male and female flowers on the same tree).  Small, red/purple flowers emerge with the new leaves in mid to late spring and are borne in terminal, stalked, umbrella-shaped clusters.  

Fruit: Winged fruit ½ to ¾ inches long with greatly incurved wings.
Foliage: Five- to 9-lobed leaves, 2 to 5” long and wide.  Fall color is yellow and red that persists into early winter.  The species name palmatum refers to the hand-like shape of its leaves.

Bark:  Smooth grey bark provides winter interest.

Interesting Fact: For centuries Japanese horticulturalists have developed cultivars from maples found in the woodlands of Japan and nearby Korea and China.  Acer palmatum includes hundreds of named cultivars with countless habits, colors, leaf types, sizes, and growing conditions.  They are a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts and have long been a popular subject in art.

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