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Botanical Name: Acer saccharum (Fastigiata Group)

Common Name: Columnar Sugar Maple
Origin: E. North America
Location: CSW

This tree is a “fastigiate” form of the Sugar Maple. To the botanist, the word fastigiate means 'with parallel, erect, clustered branches', giving the tree an upright, columnar habit.  The Notes below are the same as those for the Sugar Maple.
The Sugar maple is a tall deciduous tree native to the hardwood forests of northeastern North America. It is one of our most valuable trees and is best known for its bright fall foliage (ranging from bright yellow through orange to fluorescent red-orange), and for being the primary source of maple syrup. The paired winged seeds or “keys” are eaten by many birds and squirrels. The wood is one of the hardest and densest of the maples, and is prized for furniture and flooring, bowling alleys and bowling pins, basketball courts, pool cues, musical instruments, archery bows, skateboards, etc. Trees with wavy wood grain that produce birdseye, and curly (or tiger) varieties are especially valued. A sugar maple leaf is featured on the flag of Canada, and on the 25-cent coin of Vermont. The sugar maple is an extremely important species of the ecology of many forests in North America.

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