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Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis 'Ace of Hearts'

Common Name: Eastern Redbud 'Ace of Hearts'
Nativity:  E. & C. North America 
Location: Kendal

'Ace of Hearts' is an unusual selection of our native redbud, where the habit is half the size of the species, reaching only 12 feet high and 11 feet wide. Growth is typically shrubby with a dome-shaped crown. The small, broadly heart-shaped foliage is also half the size and each leaf looks exactly like the “ace of hearts” in a deck of cards. The arrangement of the foliage is also noteworthy. The leaves appear densely stacked and overlapping along the stems. The shiny, dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Flowers are lighter in color, a lavender-rose-pink, and are borne in great abundance in mid-spring. Selected out of a group of seedlings in 2006 by plantsman Paul Woody of Morganton, NC. ‘Ace of Hearts’ received US Plant Patent #17,161 and is hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 9.

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