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Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’

Common Name: American Redbud
Origin: E. & C. North America
Location: CSE, KS

Notable Feature: The tree is particularly noted for its purple leaves and stunning rose-purple flowers. The twigs are red.

Habit: This deciduous and often multi-trunked tree reaches a height of 20 to 30 feet with a spread of 25 to 35 feet.

Flower: The bloom occurs from March to April before foliage emerges and is pea-like and rose-purple in color.  The perfect (bisexual) flowers appear all over the tree, even on old trunks.

Fruit: Flowers are followed by 2- to 4-inch long, bean-like seedpods that mature to brown in summer.  The seedpods may remain on the tree through winter.

Foliage: ‘Forest Pansy’ has heart-shaped purple leaves that become more subdued as the season progresses.  Fall color is variable, but often yellow.  The veins on the back of the leaves are deep maroon.

Interesting Fact: The Eastern Redbud, of which ‘Forest Pansy’ is a cultivar, is one our most beautiful native trees.  George Washington spoke of the Redbud’s beauty in his diary; he often transplanted seeds from the forest into his garden.

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