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Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis 'Pink Heartbreaker'

Common Name: 'Pink Heartbreaker' Eastern Redbud
Nativity: E. & C. North American
Location: Kendal

This elegant weeping form of Eastern redbud has a brilliant lavender-pink spring bloom as well as a solid upright leader with a strong and wide-spreading branching habit. Large clusters of pea-like flowers appear along the naked branches in April. After flowering, the new heart-shaped leaves emerge red in color, change to dark green as summer approaches, and then turn a clear yellow in fall. With age it will develop into a distinctly upright and narrow, weeping habit, reaching 12 to 15 feet high with a 8- to 10-foot spread. ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ was selected and introduced into horticulture in 2009 by Pennsylvania nurseryman, Donald Eaton of Eaton Nursery in Leesport, PA and received US Plant Patent #23,043. Considered one of the best weeping cultivars as yet introduced, ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ is hardy in USDA Zones 4 to 9.
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