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Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis var. texensis 'Oklahoma'

Common Name: Oklahoma Texas Redbud
Nativity: SW North America

Location: Kendal


This variety of Eastern redbud hails from the far western area of its native range – Texas, Oklahoma, and northern Mexico. Leaves are thick, leathery, and a lustrous green with undulating margins and turn a golden orange in fall. Flowers are a dark wine red. The Texas redbud is more heat resistant than the species, has red-tipped new growth, and typically has a shrubbier more compact habit with thicker and more rigid stems. It also tends to be more drought tolerant, however it lacks the degree of winter hardiness typical of the straight species (Zone 6 compared to Zone 4). The cultivar ‘Oklahoma’ was selected for its heavy bloom, darker flowers, and its richer green and glossier foliage. Discovered in the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma in 1964 and named by Warren & Son Nursery of Oklahoma City, OK. This cultivar will mature to around 12 to 18 feet high with a 12- to 18-foot width. Hardy in USDA Zones 6 to 9.

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