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Botanical Name: Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki'

Common Name: Kintoki Dogwood
Origin: China/Japan/Korea
Location: CNW

Notable Feature: The cultivar ‘Kintoki’ was selected for its abundant clusters of radiant yellow flowers that ornament the tree from March through April. It was also selected for its picturesque bark that is more exfoliating than most C. officinalis.

Habit: Oval to round, multistemmed, and small in stature (15 to 25 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide), much like Cornus mas but flowers earlier and fruits later.

Flower: Perfect (bisexual), small yellow flowers appear in clusters along the branches in short-stalked umbels, 3/4” in diameter, before the leaves emerge in early spring.  

Fruit: A bright cherry red, oblong drupe, 5/8-inch long.  Borne in clusters in July and often hidden by the summer foliage.

Foliage: Shiny, oval and pointed, deeply veined leaves are medium green and turn red in the fall.  2 to 4” long and arranged oppositely on the branch.

Bark: Rich gray, brown, and orange colors are exposed by it scaly, flaky, and exfoliating bark.

Interesting Fact: ‘Kintoki’ was selected in Japan for its excellent cut flower properties.  It was introduced into the U.S. by horticulturist Barry Yinger through Brookside Gardens, Baltimore, MD and given the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Award in 2012.

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