Help support the Arboretum

Tax-deductible donations may be made to the Kendal Crosslands Arboretum Fund that supports the  purchase of Gift Trees and the requirements of ArbNet accreditation.

Since the Arboretum Fund was established in the Fall of 2014, more than ninety gift trees have been planted.  Because such gifts are guaranteed for two years, monies are set aside to cover that period for each tree. The balance of funds is used to pay for tree tags and other tree-related expenses.  As of December, 2021, these trees include: 226 trees on 10 guided walks, more than 90 Gift Trees, 16 Arbor Day trees, and 100 trees in three Featured Collections.

Planting trees in honor of special events and special people is a long tradition. The Kendal Crosslands Joint Arboretum Committee (composed of residents from both communities and the KCA Curator/Grounds Supervisor) is pleased to work with individuals who may be interested in donating a tree to either the Kendal or the Crosslands campus - contact the KCC Director of Philanthropy for further information.

Download and Print the Donation or the Tree Donation Information Forms from the Attachments below. For questions, please contact Directory of Philanthropy, Reyna Gray at or (610) 388-5528

Thank you for your support!


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