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Botanical Name: Ilex x aquipernyi Dragon Lady® ('Meschick')

Common Name: Blue Holly
Origin: Garden Origin
Location: CSW

Notable Feature: Dragon Lady® was selected for its fast growth and compact habit, its jagged, deep green foliage, and for its profuse display of scarlet red berries.   

Habit: This evergreen holly grows as an upright, symmetrical, very narrow pyramid, eventually maturing 10 to 20 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide.

Flower: Dragon Lady® is a female form of Ilex x aquipernyi; the hybrid species
is dioecious with male and female flowers on separate plants.  Small white flowers appear among the leaf axils during early summer.

Fruit: Vivid red berries mature in fall and remain on the plant through winter when pollinated by a male holly such as Blue Prince® or Blue Stallion®.  Berries are rounded and ¼” in diameter.

Foliage: Spiny, oval to oval-elliptic, about 1 ½” long and 1” wide.  The glossy, dark olive green leaves are attractive year round.  

Interesting Fact: Ilex x aquipernyi is a cross between I. aquifolium (English holly) and I. pernyi (perny holly). The cultivar name, ‘Meschick’, is commonly sold under the trade name of Dragon Lady®.

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