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Botanical Name: Illicium henryi

Common Name: Henry Anisetree
Origin: China
Location: KN

Notable Feature: Considered the showiest of all the Illicium species, the Henry Anisetree produces plentiful waxy, coral pink flowers in late spring. 

Habit: A large, broadleaved evergreen shrub with a dense, pyramidal habit and excellent shade tolerance.  Grows 6 to 15 feet tall.

Flower: The pink to red, waxy flowers appear in late spring on the branch tips.  The perfect (bisexual) flowers are approximately 1 ½" in diameter, star-shaped, and consist of 20 petals each.

Fruit: Brown, star-shaped and whorled seed pods appear in the fall. 

Foliage: Evergreen leaves are thick and leathery and are dark and shiny above and dull green below.  They emit an anise-like aroma when crushed.

Interesting Fact: Little troubled by diseases or insects. The volatile oils in the leaves and stems protect the plant from browsing animals.  Attractive to birds and maintenance-free, this plant makes a good privacy screen in the landscape.

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