Kendal/Crosslands Arboretum

It was nine years ago that the idea of accrediting the Kendal/Crosslands campus was just a gleam in the eyes of six residents who believed that we should celebrate the trees on our combined campus. In the ensuing years, a Joint Committee of residents worked toward Level 2 Arbnet status for the combined campus which was so accredited in 2017. In collaboration with staff in the Grounds Department, we continue to manage the Arboretum as a Joint Committee of residents from Kendal and Crosslands.

During 2019, a Special Project on each campus was made possible by a generous gift of $5,000. At Kendal, one of the quadrangle gardens was upgraded and renamed as Baycliff Square. At Crosslands, two weather-proof display panels were installed (one on each side of the Center entry) to illustrate trees on the campus and to inform visitors and prospective residents about the beauty of our campus.

In the summer of 2019, a significant step was taken to determine how the future of the Arboretum could be envisioned. Thanks to the facilitating skills of the KCC Philanthropy Dept. Director Stephanie Cory, a KCA Strategic Plan was developed. The Joint Committee is now in the process of implementing seven goals among whose objectives are included the following:

• Improve the awareness of the Arboretum among residents and staff
• Build capacity for attracting more residents to be active with the Arboretum
• Clarify how residents and staff work together on tree-related issues
• Define leadership roles and develop a plan for succession for KCA officers
• Outline the need for an Arboretum Assistant in the KC Grounds Department
• Implement a GPS data base for trees in the landscaped areas on each campus

As the negative effect of climate change affects our trees, we continue to monitor the most vulnerable species and to remove those that are clearly failing e.g. last year, 7 dying Douglas Fir and 16 Colorado Blue Spruce were felled on the Crosslands campus alone. As we plan for a Tree Inventory on a GPS data base, we will be able to identify other species at risk. Estimates of storm water uptake and the carbon sequestration value of trees on the landscaped areas will also be available.

During 2019, gifts to the Arboretum Fund resulted in 9 Memorial trees planted, for a combined total of 59 Gift Trees added in the past nine years. We are very grateful to donors who support this opportunity to memorialize loved ones.

The continued willingness of residents to work in collaboration with grounds staff in caring for trees on the landscaped areas is why we can be so fortunate and proud to live in an Arboretum. The recent accreditation of KCA Grounds Supervisor as a qualified Arborist only adds to our status.

As the baton is passed to the next generation of residents to continue the work of the KCA Committee, I am grateful to have participated as one of the founders and as the initial leader. I have confidence that in the years ahead, the efforts of the KCA Committee will continue to bear fruit.

With thanks for your support, Jennifer Allcock, Crosslands April 24 2020


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