Outstanding trees and shrubs appropriate for growing in the Delaware Valley are displayed in seven Featured Collections in the Kendal Crosslands Arboretum. These collections demonstrate how botany, horticulture, and landscape design can be successfully combined and in the process, educate residents and visitors to the Arboretum. The Featured Collections showcase two genera – Magnolia and Cercis (redbud) on the Kendal Campus and two genera - Magnolia and Cornus (dogwood)  on the Crosslands Campus. Collections allow one to compare different species within a single genus, to assist the surrounding community in determining the appropriate plants for their landscape plans, and to provide an attractive landscape for Kendal Crosslands residents. Plants in the Featured Collections offer many attractive features, whether it is a flowering and fragrant tree in spring, soothing green foliage for shade in summer, colorful leaves and fruit in fall, or an architectural silhouette against the stark winter sky. Additionally, trees provide food and shelter for wildlife. Although many of the trees are newly planted, they represent gifts for future generations to study and enjoy.

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