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Botanical Name: Magnolia ×brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’

Common Name: Woodsman Magnolia
Origin: Garden Origin

Notable Feature: One of the most unusually colored magnolias, displaying flower color combinations of green-flushed purple, chocolate brown, rose, pale pink and creamy yellow.

Habit: A deciduous, large shrub to small tree that typically matures to 30’ tall and 20’ wide. Shape is conical when young, but spreading with age. Hardy in Zones 4-9. Dislikes high winds.

Foliage: Elliptic to ovate, glossy green leaves, up to 10” long, have silvery undersides and smooth margins.

Flower: The 6 petal-like tepals have an unusual but somewhat attractive color pattern. The outer surface displays shades of greenish yellow to a brownish purple and the inner surface a pale purplish pink. The cup-shaped flowers, to 5” wide, are borne upright and bloom in late spring after the chance of late frost has passed.

Interesting Fact: Magnolia ×brooklynensis is a hybrid which originated at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a cross between the American native Cucumber Tree (M. acuminata) and the Chinese Lily Tree (M. liliiflora) in 1954. The cultivar, ‘Woodsman’, was bred by J. C. McDaniel of Urbana, Illinois, and introduced in 1975.

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