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Botanical Name: Magnolia grandiflora ‘Edith Bogue’

Edith Bogue Southern Magnolia
Southeastern USA

Notable Feature: Dramatic, sculptural, and—thanks to its large, glossy foliage and its enormous flowers – distinctly tropical-looking, however this cultivar is best noted for its exceptional cold hardiness.

Habit: An upright-pyramidal, vigorous clone of Southern Magnolia that is noted for its exceptional cold hardiness, hardy in Zones 6-9. Over time, this cultivar will grow to 60’ high by 30’ wide. ‘Edith Bogue’ has withstood the weight of snow far better than other Southern Magnolia cultivars.

Foliage: Evergreen. Dark green and glossy with fuzzy, tawny brown undersides. The elliptic-shaped leaves are 5 to 10” long and about half as wide with smooth margins.

Flower: Enormous, very fragrant, lemon-scented, ivory white flowers, up to 12” across, tip the branches from late spring through midsummer. Each blossom displays 6 to 12, thick, waxy-coated, petal-like tepals.

Fruit: Ornamentally effective on the tree. The brown, cone-like follicles split open to display colorful red seeds that appear to be dangling on thin threads; fruits mature by late fall.

Interesting Fact: ‘Edith Bogue’ was selected in 1920 from a batch of seedlings sent from Florida to the Montclair, NJ, garden of Edith Bogue. Tolerates 13º F with minor leaf burn.

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