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Botanical Name: Magnolia ‘Judy Zuk’

Common Name: Judy Zuk Magnolia
Campus: Crosslands

Notable Feature: Unique among yellow-flowered magnolias, both for its deep golden yellow color with purple staining at the base of each tepal and for its fruity fragrance.

Habit: An upright, deciduous magnolia with a canopy that broadens with age. Over its first ten years, it typically grows 28’ tall and 18’ wide. Hardy in Zones 4-9.

Foliage: The deciduous, medium green leaves are ovate to obovate in shape with smooth margins. Fall color is a coppery bronze.

Flower: Fragrant, deep golden yellow to golden orange flowers have a fusion of plum at each tepal base. The upright, tulip-shaped blooms are 7 to 9” high and 5” wide and bloom in early spring as the new leaves emerge. Releases a tropical, fruity fragrance reminiscent of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops.

Fruit: Produces no fruit, flowers are usually sterile.

Interesting Fact: Bred by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and introduced in 2007. This complex cross between the Cucumbertree Magnolia (Magnolia acuminata), the Lily Magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora), and the Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata) was named in honor of the former director of the Scott Arboretum (1983-1990) and former president of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (1990-2005).

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