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Botanical Name: Magnolia ‘Porcelain Dove’

Common Name: Porcelain Dove Magnolia
Campus: Kendal

Notable Feature: A Gresham hybrid valued for its abundant, 4-inch-high, ivory white blossoms that appear in late May and continue sporadically through summer's end.

Habit: A small to medium-sized tree, 16 to 25’ tall and about as wide, multistemmed with an upright growth habit. Hardy in Zones 5b-8.

Foliage: Semi-evergreen. The leaves are very similar to those of Magnolia virginiana, elliptic, 3 to 5” long and about half as wide, and a lustrous dark green with silvery undersides.

Flower: Abundant, 4-inch-high, ivory white blossoms are highlighted with prominent, candy pink stamens. Each well-formed, upright flower emits a spicy-scented fragrance. The flowers resemble those of M. virginiana -- they bloom sporadically throughout the summer season however they are larger and more fragrant.

Interesting Fact: This hybrid (Magnolia globosa x M. virginiana var. australis) was created by Todd Gresham of Santa Cruz, CA in 1965 and selected and named by Tom and Bill Dodd of Semmes, Alabama, in 1986. Named both for its porcelain white flower color and in honor of Todd Gresham's home, Hill of Doves.

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