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Botanical Name: Pinus parviflora

Common Name: Japanese White Pine
Origin: Japan/South Korea
Locations: CSE, CSW, KN

Notable Feature: The short needles form blue/green tufts of foliage at the branch tips, and create an overall fine texture to the tree’s picturesque silhouette.

Habit: This graceful, conical, evergreen tree grows 50 to 70 feet in the wild and 20 to 40 feet under cultivation.  A dense pine, that tends to develop spreading branches and a flattened crown as it ages.  Very slow growing.  

Flower: Species is monoecious; males cylindrical, purple ripening to yellow, near branch tips; females yellow to purple, adjacent to the males.  Appear in late spring.

Fruit: Oval, reddish brown cones grow to 4” long and contain large seeds.  The cones ripen in early fall and remain on the tree for several years.

Foliage: Bluish green needles grow to 2 ½” long in bundles of five, often curved or arching.  Each needle has an interior white stripe.

Interesting Fact: A popular tree for bonsai because of its slow-growing habit and irregular, spreading form.

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