Tales of Our Trees

Georgia, Oh Georgia

Thanks to King George III’s stipend, for service as Royal Botanist in North America, Philadelphia Quaker John Bartram and son William, in 1765, undertook a botanical expedition through Georgia.

Our Cherry Trees

Do deer—they’re color blind—notice when Kendal’s Cherry trees erupt with color?

To Ponder and Appreciate

In her book Seeing Trees (available in Kendal’s library), Nancy Hugo notes that “humans have been evolving for over 3 million years, trees for 397 million.”

Red Maple

The red maple, Acer rubrum, also known as swamp, water, or soft maple, is a wide- spread medium sized deciduous tree of eastern and central North America.


Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis, is a small tree native to eastern North America, but which can thrive as far west as California.


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