There are ten guided walks in the Kendal Crosslands Arboretum: five on the Crosslands Campus and five on the Kendal Campus. Below are the lists of the walks.  The Loop Walk names are a clickable to view maps, lists of trees and their Bios. For Special Seasonal Mini Walks, there is a list of attachments for maps and tree lists. For any walk the information may be downloaded and printed in advance of a visit.

If you wish to visit a particular tree, you may find its campus location in the fourth column on the Trees Tab . The Tree list is searchable on any word or phrase.


Crosslands Loop Walks

Northeast (CNE)
Northwest (CNW)
Parking Lot 20 (CPL20)
Southeast (CSE)
Southwest (CSW)


Kendal Loop Walks

North (KN)
South (KS)


Kendal Special Seasonal Walks

(See Attachments Below)



ArbNet Accredited Arboretum Level 1